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From the Golden Age to You

From the Golden Age to you

Rumored to have her face smeared in gold mask every night, Cleopatra maintained her youthful and radiant skin. Just like the ancient Egyptian sculptures and art portrays, not only did the ancient women dress in gold but also used the shiny metal for their luminous skin just the way the metal appears to be. One of the vainest civilization in the world is known to be that of the ancient Egypt. From oils to perfume to gold, they’ve contributed a lot in the age old beauty therapies that are even famous and trending today. The Fourth Dynasty of Egypt was known as the “golden age” of the old kingdom of Egypt. It was a time of prosperity and peace.Gold played a significant role in ancient Egypt. Pharaohs insisted to be buried in gold as they referred to it as “the flesh of gods” Historically in Egypt, gold was used for its curative and antibacterial properties.Egyptians were not alone in thinking the precious metal contained youth imparting properties, for thousands of years, the metal has been used in Ayurvedic medicine, one of the oldest medical systems in the world. The exclusiveness of this ritual hasn’t changed around the world, some elite spas and cosmetologists use this precious metal in their skin and energy resuscitating therapy.

As lustrous it seems, so are its extraordinary benefits for the skin. The ions present in gold help in stimulating the cells, nerves, and veins in one’s body. This leads to improved blood circulation. Just how important it is for us to breathe and live, blood circulation is important to transport oxygen to our skin. Gold is known to increase the metabolism of skin cells .Skin metabolism refers to the biological processes that occur amongst the epidermal and dermal cells to regulate the rate of cell turnover, collagen production, and repair any damage that occurs due to UV light or aging. As we age the skin metabolism decelerates and thus affect its normal functioning. Adding gold in your skin care regime could give your skin what it needs and deserves! As skin is known to be one of the organs responsible for elimination of waste from our body, it is very important to let go of those toxic molecules from deep within our body and gold can help you do that. It increases the secretion of waste through our skin. It can help to stimulate the cells and have a healthy skin one desires. The skin lightening properties of gold will get one’s sun tanned skin back to their heavenly sent tone. Collagen is the key important constituent in one’s skin. It is produced naturally and keeps the skin illuminating just the way gold reflects light. Collagen depletion starts after the age of 25. Stop that depletion! Gold’s the hero. It helps slow down collagen depletion and maintain the natural skin collagen. It gives one the Egyptian aged skin.

Being an antioxidant, gold can help us against the “free radical theory of aging”. Why are antioxidants an important skin care regime? The theory says it all! According to it, sun exposure, stress, environmental toxins leads to production of free radicals, these free radicals removes an electron from its neighbouring molecules which eventually removes an electron from the DNA thus leading to its cross linking which further causes various effects like aging, especially cancer.

From your neck, wrist fingers and forehead, take that gold to your facial skin and let it experience its scrumptiousness! Gold facial spas, gold masks, gold eye pads, gold infused skin care, make your skin dress in gold and see it complement your ornaments whenever you wear them.

Zeba Desai