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The hidden secrets of the tiny grass

Hidden secrets of the tiny grass!

From culinary to beauty hackery…..

Strolling through any of the Southeast Asian city, one sweet herbal fragrance stands out. Its lemongrass! We all know the wide usage of lemongrass in South Asian dishes, which is a proof of its popularity in the kitchen. It takes, much of credits for the light and aromatic character of Southeast Asian cooking. Thai restaurants are famous for its lemongrass salad which is not very diificult to make it yourself.  However, there are many other benefits that this tiny grass is godsent with,that will want one to take it outside their kitchen too. This perky, edgy grass is packed with skin beneficial agents that will act just like any detective agent to solve your skin problems.

Like its diversity in the kitchen, it has diverse uses and forms outside kitchen too. Doctors do know that lemongrass tea can help fight against free radicals . It contains inflammation fighting agents like chlorogenic acid, iso-orientin and swertiajaponin that will help reduce the incidence of inflammation in one’s body. It contains vitamin A and C that gives one the glossy skin they’ve ever admired. It contains a few genetics from its cousin, lemon- that of its citrus scent and astringent property.  Citrusy scent helps it work as a deodorant and wards off the foul body odor while its astringent property helps tighten pores and keep ones oil level in control, taking care of those accursed pimples. Looking for some skin brightening properties? This pale looking grass has got your back! Lemongrass oil contains limonene which lightens and brightens one’s skin. Club your lemongrass oil with some mulberry extract to give your skin the tone is possesses. As per research, 0.4% of mulberry extract has the potential to inhibit 50% of tyrosinase enzyme- the enzyme that is responsible for the formation of melanin. Thought of a refreshing cleansing face spa? Toss in those tiny herbs in your facial steam and see it cleanse your pores!

It is endowed with some very unique properties like that of antimicrobial, antibacterial , antifungal and these properties it possesses due to its 75 – 80% citral constituent. Hence it makes it a good mosquito and acne fighting agent just the way it is believed to act in hoodoo to protect against evils spiritually! Blood circulation is the key to a good skin as blood contains RBC which holds oxygen and a good circulation of blood transports oxygen to all parts of the body including skin. Lemongrass knows it all and helps improve blood circulation by constricting blood vessels. Make one body scrub for yourself! Mix 1/4th cup of olive oil with 2-4 talks of lemongrass in a blender. Pour through the sieve and add ½ cup of fine sea salt into the lemon scented oil. Scrub your body for the perfect cleanse and circulation. A relaxing bath with lemongrass or a massage with lemongrass oil could be an instant topical solution for muscle pain too.

Not only is lemongrass beneficial for skin, it’s got its hand hidden in health as well. One of the most important being its terpene content- linalool that some of the latest research suggests is effective against cancerous cells. All of these gives this herb the popularity it deserves. Tiny it may seem, its benefits doesn’t make one ignore it.


Here’s a small video to tell you , how to best use our Thai Lemongrass Body Cleanser . It’s enriched abundantly with pure Lemongrass essential oil sourced and cultivated in Thailand through sustainable farming . Lemongrass or Ta Krai is soothing , anti fungal and anti bacterial. This helps in toning the skin and acts as a soothing agent for pores, which helps your skin breathe.

Zeba Desai