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Why Is Global Beauty Secrets A Personal Care Brand First?

According to World Health Organisation, India is the most depressed country in the world and amongst population of more than 1 bn people, it is Indian women who are more likely to be depressed than men.

The APS (American Psychiatry Society) has laid down the definition and various symptoms of depression, holding it responsible for affecting a person’s responsibility to function properly. According to a report by Indian Journal Of Psychiatry depression would likely be the second leading cause of disability worldwide by 2020.

It’s a worrying and a negative trend, what’s going wrong here? As an Indian woman, the target group which is perhaps the most vulnerable to this mental health situation presently, I stumbled onto an effective way to tackle this.

Personal Care.

Recap to my childhood, when my grand mom applied Milk and Kesar to my cheeks, to my adulthood when I was withering in pain getting my blackheads removed to my present when I founded Global Beauty Secrets inspired from the beauty traditions of my grand mom and other women across the world who nurture and care for each other with these natural heirlooms, thus making the journey to becoming beautiful, equally beautiful and not painful. (I have tried to summarise the story quickly, but if you want to know about the entire journey read here.)

I was clear from the start that ‘Global Beauty Secrets’ is not a cosmetic company but a personal care brand, personal ‘care’ because we actually believe in the power of personal care. That beauty is not skin deep, it is soul deep, and it’s a little bit of science with a lot of soul. That cleansing doesn’t happen just at the level of skin but at the level of spirit too.

This is where the inspiration from beauty traditions comes in , eg: Hamam (Turkey) , Panchamrita ( India) , Nara (Japan) , the various bathing and beauty traditions across the world well known for bathing and restoring mental, physical and spiritual health to an individual . It was a process of self-improvement that enriched the individual rather than extracted from him or her.

However in present times the act of grooming or self-improvement process has become extracting rather than enriching and ends up taking a toll on our lives. With the hectic schedules and lifestyle we hardly have anytime left on our hand for ‘Personal’ care. The reason why we end up resorting to ‘quick fixes’ for getting a ‘botox’ or ‘black heads culled’ or even perhaps a ‘quick shower’.

That even though we prioritise personal improvement, presentation and hygiene, we absolutely ignore ‘personal care’.
That personal care which is the most important tool to cure depression has absolutely no space in our life, while we continue to become increasingly vulnerable to the disease. Which also kind of reflects on the depression stats, wherein the entire population is swinging with the trend.

Kind of makes you think right, are we only taking care of ourselves to get ourselves accepted? Have we become more about pleasing others while it should be more about pleasing ourselves? perhaps the reason why painful measures have become an accepted norm for looking beautiful….people want to ‘look’ beautiful and not ‘feel’ beautiful.

That the journey that was intended to be a soulful experience has now become merely skin deep. I wanted Global Beauty Secrets to instil that care back in Personal care. To take the experience of beauty beyond science and take inspiration from the soulful wisdom of women and their beauty traditions wherein they have been nurturing their loved ones with natural ingredients and thus to make the journey to becoming beautiful, beautiful again.

This is the reason why Global Beauty Secrets will always be a personal care brand first.