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Winter Blues – Mother Knows Best!

Mother Knows Best!

A hot cup of coffee in our hands; a comfortable, warm and cozy piece of sweater and a blanket on us was all we needed on a cold Winter Day – or so we thought! What about the skin then? Our mothers tugged and nagged us to apply Dahi and Honey but did we listen? The answer is – yes we at Global Beauty Secrets did!

A winter’s day comes with dryness, roughness and itchiness than a regular one. So we have decided to pan out some pleasing and doable tips for this and every winter season, combined with some natural ingredients to use.            

            Cleansing in the winter is not something many like to do and tasks like scrubbing and exfoliation should be avoided. Here, the trick is cleansing with cold milk or papaya peel to fight the dryness. The moisturizing properties of milk and papaya are all you need for a ‘dry day’. It also becomes important to tone our skin as it defines the texture of our skin. A thick paste of banana, watermelon, rosewater, aloe vera does just that – moisturizes, and minimizes our pores to give us firm, strengthened and young looking skin.

             The practice of hot showers during the cold days is a usual one but not a correct one. Bathing with lukewarm water and a soap with high amount of glycerine is probably the best for your skin that helps fight the dryness. Imagine when Chocolates, one of our favorite things and filled high amount of antioxidants and vitamins, can give us the UV protection and repair our skin needs, what else do we need? It is easy to prepare too, just mix it with Shea butter and spread a thick layer on your skin.

 This leads us to moisturizing which comes next in the regime, and it is extremely important to use the right moisturizer. A heavy oil based moisturizer full with ceramides and natural ingredients is the best kind for deeply hydrating our itchy skin. And what can be better than Yogurt? The very ingredient our mothers are fond of can deeply hydrate, moisturize, repair and revitalize our skin. Mix it with a little bit of oatmeal, honey and coconut oil and let it be on your skin as a mask for 20 minutes to fully rejoice the benefits. This combination works for your hair too.

           Winter cannot be gone through without drinking water. Skin remains fresh and hydrated when we drink a lot of water and when we eat healthy food. Fuse your diet with carrots and cucumbers. Cucumber and carrots are not only healthy for the eyes but for your skin too. And don’t forget sun protection. You think you don’t need it but you do. Avoid going out with wet hair or damp skin, protect yourself!


Winter is always coming, Take out your moisturizing shields!