My childhood was beautiful, I was the first girl child to be born in my family. As a result, I was always attended to and showered with love and affection. I was also lucky to spend my childhood at my paternal grandparents’ house. Both my grandparents were extremely devoted to God and spirituality and were very particular about performing the daily divine service.

Being brought up in a Hindu household, I distinctly the ritual of Panchamrit. My Grandmom would bathe the Idol in 5 elements namely Milk, Curd, Honey, Holy water from the Ganges and Rose, and Kewda itar.

While my Grandmom performed this ritual, she would apply a mixture of saffron and milk on my face as I sat besides her playing around with brass utensils. We also had a cow, who gave milk that would later be consumed by my family. After milking the cow, my Grandmom would scoop the foam from the fresh milk and apply it on my face as well.

Little did I know, these small distinct instances are a part of my childhood which I will treasure my entire life. However, we soon moved from my grandparents’ house to the city where my parents decided to settle down.

As I grew up in the city, everyone was busy working and living their life, working towards important things, inventions, discoveries they’d bring to light. So was I!

Being a girl, I was exposed to many new insecurities embedded by the mainstream media, the insecurity of being beautiful enough… to achieve your dreams, live your life, find your perfect partner and so on. There were so many products around me and so many ways, I underwent all of it to look beautiful. The endless waxing sessions, threading, facials, creams, masks, makeup, hair treatments, injections and the list goes on. However, it all failed.

By now, the journey to becoming beautiful somehow seemed to be painful.

That’s when I really started craving the care and affection my grandmother used to give me as a child. I remember while we left from my grandparents’ house, she had handed me a box of Kesar (Saffron). But, I was too young back then to understand its importance and place in my life for years to come by.

However, it was years later, I realised the importance and found all the answers within those few threads of Kesar, that I never could find in any of the premium personal care products.

To find my answers, I started to find solace in nature. I started looking at all these beautiful ingredients and tried to understand what could have been the science behind them.

I started answering questions to myself. Why did women use these ingredients? How did they use them? Were there women around the world who had these natural heirlooms that they’d pass on to women from one generation to another?

That there was a chance that it was not just me, but more women like me who craved these answers.

My curiosity to find the answers to these questions drove me to explore the box of Kesar that my Grandmom had gifted me. And so my journey to create something new begun.

Two years later in 2017 September, Global Beauty Secrets was born in Mumbai, India.

Today, I envision women around the world joining us in this endeavour.