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Indian Rose and Kewda Body Mist


Used in the Indian Panchamrit ritual, the fragrant combination of Rose and Kewda is classic and divine. The aroma of rose is known to be a powerful mood enhancer, as it helps you to relax and promote emotional wellbeing. Kewda is an ingredient of ‘Attar’- a highly concentrated perfume used in India since ancient times. It continues to be delightful, rich and powerful even in dry state. The aromatic combination of rose and kewda in this body mist will refresh you and lift your spirits, while the aloe vera distilled base, moisturizes the skin after being sprayed on. It’s a classic treat to indulge your senses!

Shake well before use. Gently mist the body after a bath or at anytime of the day, to refresh and revitalise the skin.

This pH balanced Indian Milk and Saffron Toner contains milk protein that has provided hydration and improved the elasticity of my skin.

Dr. Neha Khanna Oberoi

I was looking for castor oil online when I stumbled upon this product (The Egyptian Honey And Castor Hair Oil) . The blend of these two products felt like a nice idea for my kind of hair. I totally in awe of this hair oil.

Sonali Wadhwa (Activist/ Entrepreneur at Petstreet)

Don't we wish that all the toxins in our life could be magically sucked out using a magic wand, there may be no such wand, but there's more beauty product than can, Greek Charcoal Mask. There are mild tingling sensations as the mask literally sucks out the pollution from the pores!. No need to go out when you can have a spa sunday at home.

Dr. Arti Kapur Singh (Travel and Lifestyle Journalist)

Best way to order through official websites. They personally take care of the customer and their products to deliver safely. I had a very very very good experience with them. Can't wait to receive my products.

Dr.Falgunee Rajpara

Thank you for keeping my skin moisturized (The Greek Yogurt And Lavender Body Moisturiser) and my co-workers are happy because of the fragrance!

Shrishti Jiwantika Singh (Airline Pilot- Air India Express)

Global Beauty Secrets has some nice moisturizers and toners too.

Sahee Wasan, Founder, Mooi Box

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