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Finding Beauty through Exploration - Stephanie Flor, Latin American Beauty Influencer

From Turkish baths to baptism, spiritual beauty rituals are everywhere. There are so many beauty rituals from the land of Latinas like Inti Raymi, that brings sun and fire together to renew your inner and outer light, Peruvian herbal bathing & hair rituals that belongs to the world and Mother Earth, Pacha Mama, mystical rituals around Palo Santa, the tree of life. Such are the rituals women
practice to remain centered and connected with sisters all around the world.
Discover the many elements that make up Latina beauty roots, with Stephanie Flor, Founder of Around the World Beauty, an international travel company, where she guides women around the globe on exclusive beauty experiences to cultivate roots and celebrate the cultural source for modern day beauty rituals.

We would like to know about your experience with beauty growing up being a Latina in America?

For me I quickly learned what it meant to be Latina in America, as my features, and looks were different from all my friends growing up. My body, my skin, and my look was unique but also seen as exotic. It wasn’t until I started working in beauty, and moved into NYC that I started meeting other beautiful Latinas from all nationalities that made me look at my own self as unique and special. I have always been very proud to be Latina, as my beauty is special, and we truly can be a blend of so many cultures. I love going through the airports and people speak to me in Arabic, Italian, Hindi and/or Spanish. I feel so honored that we resemble so many global cultures. Being Latina is a way of life, we all look different. Mainstream media tends to depict one look & perception but we come in all colors, and sizes. We are working hard at breaking the moulds, but
every Latina is proud of her roots, and the story of how she and/or family came to America. That strength is in our blood, so it exudes from within.

Could you tell us a few traditional beauty rituals you picked up from your family members (sister, mother, grandmother, etc) while growing up?

Well with my family, it’s interesting because I am 100% Latina. We take pride in looking good, and also caring for ourselves. We never need a reason to get glam, its part of our everyday. We like to feel, and look good 24/7.
One of the rituals that really has inspired me from my cultural upbringing is the herbal bathing ritual. I learned about it in Peru for the first time, but I loved how our ancestors would use plants, and herbs to detoxify the skin, and also call in new beauty energies. Its not just for the outer beauty as it does help, but even more for the mind, body and soul. I love that kind of beauty. Another is the
use of clay for everything, as well as Aloe.
Could you tell us a few DIY tips for effective skin care? Or perhaps talk about your skincare routine?
My go-to skincare is using oils. I love using oils to remove makeup and also work under my base. I first heat up the product in my hands, warming it up so when I press onto the skin it truly sinks in. I then tap and massage the oil from bottom to top, working it in vibrational moves to wake up the skin. I work it onto my neck and also my chest. I do this technique twice a day, Skin is priority for
me, and the most important part is how you apply it. It’s a ritual to apply and give you self some love.

Women that inspire you
I have so many women in my life that inspire me. Of course my mother is my go-to. I am truly her mini-version and that definitely includes her wanderlust energy. When it came to beauty she always looked beautiful but what radiated was her confidence in her hard work and being an amazing person people lean on for support. Her beauty is a reflection of her endless energy to create, and learn. I learn all my inner beauty from her. I am sad I didn’t get her beautiful curls and darker complexion.

Your favourite wellness destination

The Retreat in Costa Rica still takes my breath away. I am counting the day to return because it mixes my two passions of beauty and travel. Its just an exceptional retreat center made to share the authentic experience of Costa Rica which my where my family is from, but also elevate your experience to grow, and evolve with their concept of living. I feel re-energized every time I visit, and I truly tell everyone about how much I love this place.

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