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Thai Rituals

Thailand has unique cultural rituals that maybe many of us are unaware of, one of which is the Luk-Pra-Kob or Thai Herbal Compress, used in traditional herbal medicine for over 400 years. They are made up of traditional, healing and aromatic local herbs, with lemongrass being one of the main ingredients. It is composed of resplendent, locally sourced ingredients, in accordance with ancient recipes. 
Thai Lemongrass Body Cleanser
Lemongrass oil is used in the compress as well as a body oil for massage to rejuvenate and revive muscles, it is infused with anti- fungal and anti- microbial properties which helps improve the appearance of skin by countering acne, skin infections, etc. It also has excellent astringent properties, they help in making the skin more smooth and soft. The benefits of the rejuvenating and healing Luk – Pra –Kob concoction makes it an excellent ingredient to experience as it leaves a long lasting effect on the skin.