The Wonders of an Iranian Legacy: Saffron - Tarveen Kaur – Global Beauty Secrets

The Wonders of an Iranian Legacy: Saffron - Tarveen Kaur

Growing up in Iran, I would often visit the markets with my mother. As a child these visits filled me with wonder. They were rich with textiles and handicrafts and spices. But the most ubiquitous of these was saffron. Years later, I would learn the reason for this: Iran accounts for nearly 90% of the world’s saffron production and is believed to be its birthplace. 




Back then though, it was simply something that flavored our milk or was used by the women in our home as a homemade face mask. Saffron made its way into my own skincare routine over time. I would mix it with aloe vera to make a paste, which I would then apply to my face. This simple recipe stayed with me over the years and is still an enduring companion today. I love everything about it: the smell of saffron, the tinge of color that it adds to the mask, and, of course, the natural glow it gives my skin. 



On the subject of wellness options for the skin, it would be remiss if I didn’t mention virgin coconut oil from Thailand. There is scarcely a beauty ingredient that provides nourishment in such a holistic fashion. Whether it’s used on the skin, on the hair, or even consumed, virgin coconut oil will do wonders for your overall wellbeing.



These are some of the natural secrets that have stayed with me throughout these years, I hope you too enjoy experimenting with them. 


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