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Balinese Beauty Scrub

Here's a great beauty discovery straight from magical Bali! Hidden in the spa heaven , this beauty ritual is a favourite of local women and thoroughly enjoyed by the brides. 

When our Founder Aishwarya visited Bali and tried the local spa, she indulged herself with this beautiful fragrant beauty ritual which is extremely dear to Balinese women. 

The Bali Beauty Rituals comprise of cleansing and foot soak, followed by exfoliation with Balinese Lulur Scrub. This is a special beauty preparation made up of local ingredients , pretty much like the Indian ubtan, except more exfoliating and coarse in texture. This natural Lulur scrub is rubbed across the body to rejuvenate the senses, remove dead skin cells. 

This local ingredient often comprises of coconut husk, coffee , or ground rice as an exfoliating ingredient, which is mixed with clays, essential oils and herbs to make it more potent. It's a favourite for Balinese brides on their big day, much like Haldi ritual that Indian brides have.

A good application of lulur is often followed by floral bathing and toning with natural ingredients. 

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