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Japanese Rituals

Experience exceptional beauty rituals amidst the rich tapestry of Japanese beauty traditions with 
Japanese Adzuki Beans Facewash
In Japan, beauty translates to flawless skin, youth and purification, having preserved some of the most natural skin care secrets since ancient times. Originally a part of the royal beauty treatment, Adzuki beans are one of the hidden skin-exfoliating secrets of Japanese women’s beauty regime, used as early as the Nara Period (710-794 AD) which became even more popular since the 18th century. Japanese women used this powdered delicacy to cleanse and purify their skin.
Japanese Camellia Illuminating Cream
So much science is hidden in the 'Tsubaki' Camellia flower, that carry within them the wisdom of generations of women. The Geishas, for instance, would use camellia oil (the essential ingredient in our exquisite illuminating cream) to clean their makeup and nourish their hair.