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Kyoto Beauty Secrets

Kyoto Beauty Secrets: We wish to emphasize the deeper, more personal, even spiritual, level of Japanese beauty through our products that are created with many organic and high performance ingredients.
Kyoto Beauty Secrets is inspired by Kyoto-based artist and preserver of kimono culture, Junko Sophie Kakizaki, whose family came from Kyoto 1,100 years ago, the  Heian period was the most graceful and refined era in Japanese history. The aristocratic women of that time spent great care and time to live a life of beauty. Even today, the beauty methods of the Heian period remain and we wish to make them available for everyone. We only live once, so our products offer a way so that each of us can live a life of beauty. You can read Junko's perspective on hidden Kyoto by clicking on this link here
The product range is curated as a niche offering for the consumers. A clear focus on an organic and high performance ingredient product curation, inspired by Japanese culture.
 The packaging is inspired by insights on value traditions of Japanese arts & crafts that dates back to the Heian period.

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