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Egyptian Gold Mask, Cleopatra and Sun God Ra

Gold, depicted by the symbol 'Nebu' in ancient Egypt, has come to define the ancient civilization in the modern world. The 'divine metal' was believed to come from the Sun God, Ra, and its mining, which was primarily done in the region of Nubia, was controlled by a royal monopoly. Texts describe the use of gold in various temple rituals in ancient Egypt. However, a single gold statue, named Amun, survives today. Made out a single piece of gold, it stands testament to a culture that deified the yellow metal The Egyptians believed that gold is a heavenly metal that cannot be destroyed, infact it was also believed it is the flesh of gods and was associated with the sun god 'Ra'. It is said that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra often slept with a gold mask on, to keep her skin supple and nourished.

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