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Thai Discoveries: Din Sor Pong, Lemongrass, Lu Pra Kob and Kranok !

Lu Pra Kob as a ritual encompasses usage of native Thai ingredients like Kha-men, Puew-Makruk, Ma-Kham, Bai Som Poy and Ta- Krai to heal and rejuvenate the body. In this the Ta-Krai or lemongrass is often applied on the body to conclude the ritual as it is anti fungal, anti bacterial and soothing. This ritual encompasses the usage of a herbal compress very identical to the popular potli massage often given during Ayurvedic therapies.

We came across this wondrous discovery when our Founder undertook a short trip to Thailand, in the following pictures we have managed to store some of our exact inspirations for packaging and ingredients.

The Kranok forms the centerpiece of our lemongrass tinted packaging , this motif is very crucial to the Thai culture and is featured extensively across all major landmarks , tripitikas and temples.

One can easily come across swathes of farmlands full of lemongrass plantations in Thailand and it is not unheard of to even take a small tour across these farms. In the picture below our Founder can be seen taking a sniff of some freshly plucked citronella and lemongrass at a local shop in Thailand. 

One can also treat themselves to some floral bathing rituals and a body masking experience with the mineral rich Thai clay- Din Sor Pong 

This mineral rich paste is often applied on the body and is a great beauty ingredient that is loved by the locals and us!

The Lu Pra Kob Ritual is often accompanied with a body massage with Lemongrass oil, a herbal bath and body clay application of Din Sor Pong.

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