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#ThePersonalCareProject Meet: Discussing Preventive Healthcare, Beauty Rituals and Yoga

In times like these, one needs a belonging, a community, a family that one can connect with , a community that enriches those who are a part of it , a community anchored by the vision of understanding holistic personal care which has been proven to be a major tool against many mental health and health concerns .
Inspired by these ancient wellness rituals and to instill the care back in personal care , The Personal care project became a brand initiative of Global Beauty Secrets , with a vision to bring women together and inform them on effective personal care, so we can reach out to women and bond with them on many ways they can choose to take care of themselves and look at beauty holistically, just like centuries ago.
We took #thepersonalcareproject offline for the first time on 9/10/20, thankful to Dimple Jangda and Shaili C, who became a part of this initiative and informed the community on Ayurvedic healthcare and Yoga. We are also thankful to everyone who spared a few hours from their busy schedule to come and add value to our small intimate gathering.
Truly hope this family grows bigger and we get better at what we do, so that we continue to add beauty to the lives we touch.


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