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Holiday Season Gifting Edit:The Best GBS Products To Bestow The Indulgence of Rituals.
Blissful and powerful at the same time 

It’s that time of the year again—you pull out your knitwear, romanticize hot chocolate (more) and snuggle up as the aroma of your favourite warm vanilla candle fills up the room. But, there are more reasons to celebrate the winter season—Christmas being the most significant one. It’s the festival that renders an occasion to relish dessert, sip on some wine and indulge in wholesome gifting rituals with your loved ones. From a customized diary to artisanal tea or coffee, you want your Christmas present to be as thoughtful and memorable as it can get. Enter Global Beauty Secret’s extensive, indulgent and mindfully crafted skin, hair and body products stemming from traditional beauty rituals across the globe—the perfect gifting line-up for a fellow beauty fanatic. Wellness, even. With rituals native to the Indian, Japanese, Turkish, Greek, Egyptian and Thai cultures, the brand’s offerings sort you out when you’re scouting for the gift that really matters. After all, every product evokes a unique set of emotions—from rejuvenation to healing and so much more. As a beauty aficionado, I have put some of the brand’s products to the test and I’m happy to report that I’m hooked—they’ve become my favorite's, pronto.

Ahead, I would like to share my top recommendations that you should be adding to the Christmas gift boxes of your loved ones (and why). Scroll down.

1. Turkish Rhassoul Mineral Mud

Turkey is globally recognized for Hammams, their traditional (and invigorating) bath houses. However, there’s more to discover. Case in point: Rhassoul clay. Brown in color, the clay is obtained from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The term Rhassoul literally translates to “to wash”, alluding to its brilliant cleansing and detoxifying capabilities. The powder-based mask requires you to devote a couple of minutes to it, allowing you to sign-up for a quick ritual in the comfort of your home. Hundred percent natural and suitable for all skin types, from tip to toe, this mask is incredibly beneficial for those with oily or blemish-prone skin, thanks to the rosemary and tea tree oil in it. To notch up the experience, one could mix it up with dahi (yogurt) or honey (for dry skin) and rose water or aloe vera gel (for sensitive skin). By simply stirring two spoons of this mask with cold water and applying it all over my face, I noticed visibly glowing, cleaner and smoother skin.

PS: You could also use this as a scalp mask in case of an itchy, dry scalp with dandruff.

2. Chandani Avahana Ubtan + Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve

While both these products are also sold individually, the best way to incorporate them into your beauty routine is … well, together. While the Chandani Avahana Ubtan triples up as a cleanser, scrub and mask, the Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve nourishes your skin deeply, to perfection. The ubtan, or anulepan (beauty pack) is loaded with all the goodies for your skin—silver leaf (seen as little flakes in the product), mulberry extracts, green tea, green clay and more—to soften, brighten, tighten and revitalise your skin. The skin salve, on the other hand, makes moisturising almost therapeutic; infused with ghee, the emulsion-textured product seeps into the skin like a dream—no greasiness or stickiness whatsoever. The rich cream is as luxe as it can get with added benefits of saffron, cow’s milk and a skin-enriching complex of oils that hydrates your skin for an instantly supple effect while the classic Indian fragrance calms your senses. This is the perfect duo for all the brides-to-be or bridesmaids for that authentic “Shringar Ras” experience.

 3. Japanese Camellia Illuminating Cream

Camellia, or Tsubaki (in Japanese) has been used extensively in beauty for its youth-enhancing and skin-bettering benefits. Rich in polyphenols, a component that protects the skin from sun damage, prevents early signs of ageing like dark spots and wrinkles and maintains the elasticity of the skin, having camellia-enriched creams is always a plus on your vanity, especially for someone who is in their late twenties and beyond—a period when the skin begins to mature. This cream has a slew of deep-nourishing oils that fortify the barrier and suffice the moisture requirements while endowing glow, courtesy of Chondrus crispus (or red algae) extracts. 

 The best part about all these (and other) GBS products is that they come in glass jars that are completely recyclable, making the brand a sustainable and planet-friendly home of beauty products. With naturally and ethically sourced ingredients, every product promises to provide the satisfaction of experiencing a ritual, native to different cultures of the world. 

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