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Egyptian Rituals

Discover the enchanting beauty rituals of ancient Egypt with 
Egyptian Honey and Castor Hair Oil
The most talked about and a beautiful woman of her time, Cleopatra, was known worldwide for her mesmerizing beauty and mystifying appeal. Her long black and lustrous tresses, a part of that charm, were molded due to her long known beauty secret – which was honey and castor oil. The secret of her divine beauty were in the simple and natural ingredients. Emollient properties of honey made a part of her hair care regimen.
Egyptian Gold Dust Peel Off Face Masque
Gold, depicted by the symbol 'Nebu' in ancient Egypt, has come to define the ancient civilization in the modern world. The 'divine metal' was believed to come from the Sun God, Ra, and its mining, which was primarily done in the region of Nubia, was controlled by a royal monopoly. It is said that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra often slept with a gold mask on, to keep her skin supple and nourished. Read more about unique stories of gold in Egyptian culture here.


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