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Turkish Rituals

From the verdant rose valleys to the exquisite Hammam, experience the essence of Turkish beauty practices with 
Turkish Watermelon and Argan Oil Day Cream
The watermelon, or the 'Turkish gourd or Turkish cucumber', as it was known in 17th century England, began its journey in Africa, and made its way east. However it was the Ottoman Turks who, centuries later, would take it across their vast empire and introduce the luscious fruit to an array of cultures.
Turkish women, for instance, have used watermelon juice on their faces since the Ottoman era to keep their skin hydrated. Our Turkish Watermelon & Argan Oil Day Cream finds inspiration in this treasured Turkish ritual.
Embrace the luscious hydration of the watermelon with our Turkish Watermelon Day Cream. Enriched with Vitamin - C and lycopene, this light cream is easy to apply and keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day. It also has liquorice extracts which offers natural sun protection and Argan oil which is a natural emollient that helps soften the skin.
Turkish Rose and Mint Shampoo and Conditioner
Turkish Hammams smelled of freshness and relaxation and the Turkish women knew it quiet well. The rose, or gül as it is called in Turkish, has been blossoming throughout Turkish land and culture for generations. It was commonly used in the Hammams or Turkish baths to cleanse the body, due to its refreshing fragrance, leaving one perfumed and rejuvenated. One must not forget the Turkish Mint tea with tea leaves and sugar for more that was provided after a hot Hammam Bath for freshness and on a healthy note.

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