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Discover Mindfulness with Erina

Discover Mindfulness with Erina


- Yoga Teacher, Oman


1.Tell us about your journey. How did you discover the path of yoga?


After an unfortunate injury to my knees, I was looking for gentle exercises & practices and luckily found yoga. I was not expecting much, but after two years I was already in India on a path of becoming a yoga teacher. It took me 4 more years of my own practice to get ready for actually teaching the practice. And now I see teaching as one more step in my own practice.



2. Tell us more about the benefits of Yoga? How do you relate yoga with a healthy mind, soul & body?


Yoga is not a magic pill, but it is more like giving a lot of life support. We need to remember that yoga is not only asanas, yoga always within, starting from the way of interaction with the world around and within yourself. It is a key to a healthier mind, powerful concentration, and meditation techniques. Of course, each step is powerful by itself but in full combination, but for me, yoga is like life support that keeps me grounded, even during the hardest times in my life and I’m just happy that I can share my practice, my teachings.


3. We would like to know about your experience with beauty & beauty rituals growing up in Muscat?


Oman is a beautiful country with a growing young generation who is very interested in world trends, health and personal development. I’m really impressed with the quantity of natural ingredients as oils, fruits, and nuts are used over here. Camel milk for instance has a lot of benefits and is used in products, like soaps or creams here.

Also, frankincense is an amazing source of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that also can be used as oil for skin.



4. Could you tell us a few traditional beauty rituals & practices you discovered while traveling or through cultural influences or the women in your life?


One of the best recipes that I got in my life is that a face with a smile on will always look more attractive but from the care routine's perspective, women around here use a  lot of natural ingredients. One time at a yoga retreat in Shri Lanka, I lost count of time and had a severe case of sunburn. One of the local ladies saved me that day with fresh aloe vera from her garden. It was such a relief. So I grow Aloe Vera in my garden now, it has become one of my skincare favorites, and using it once a week for additional hydration on my body and face is a ritual I can't miss.


5. What is your daily skincare regime like? Could you tell us a few of your favorite beauty ingredients?


I follow a cleansing routine in the morning. I add hyaluronic acid and hydrating cream and finish it up with sunscreen 50 SPF for the face. For my night skincare routine, deep cleansing again is a must for me along with night cream for the eyes and night hydrating cream for my skin. My skin needs a lot of hydration in the hot weather of Oman.



6. Do you have a secret beauty tip for our readers?


Face Massage. This is one of the best tips that I got from a friend. It has so many benefits, It adds glow to your skin & helps so much with absorbing products. I really enjoy this morning ritual.


7. Could you tell us a few yoga asanas to practice for healthy glowing skin & body.


Most of the yoga asanas will help improve your skin and body. Just we need to remember that practice needs to be balanced, so if you are doing forward folds you need to compensate with back bands, etc. But I would like to put the accent for the twist, it helps to improve the digestion and if it is done on an empty stomach in the morning you will feel light all day as well with the time you will see improvement in your skin. I would recommend adding to your practice Ardha Matsyendrasana (seated half twist), just make sure that you keep your spine straight and keep breathing with your chest while allowing your belly to relax.

 And of course full yogi breath. This part is often left behind. But full breath helps with stress, increases oxygen level, and improves the immune system. Just 10 minutes dedicated to breathing per day will be enough to see results.


8. Lastly, what is your definition of self-love, self-care & beauty? what makes a woman beautiful according to you?


For me, Beauty is everywhere. Perfection can be beautiful, but it is not the only way for Beauty. These days we a living under so much pressure of standards comparisons and judgments, that is very easy to lose your own path. I wish that we all could leave this behind and just enjoy our own unique ways. But I see so much love at the yoga classes when girls, women come forward to support each other. Sharing love. It is one more benefit of yoga. Creating the community, ability to open up, and look at other people with no judgment, and then look at yourself without judgment too. Self-care is not just about skincare, but also about the ability to give yourself dedicated time, strength to avoid people that are toxic for your mental health, and ability to ask for help when you need it.

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