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Magical Stories Across European Subcontinent- Tamanna Miglani

Over the years, I have travelled to a lot of European countries. Whenever I travelled there I felt like I had left a little piece of my heart in every place I visited.
Europe is magical. As soon as one hears the word, it immediately evokes memories of pristine hills and beautiful beaches. That’s what the place does to you: it takes you to a fairy land and it makes it very hard to return back home to reality. 
I believe European culture, in so far as one can call its vast array of nationalities that, is all about family, love, and food. These three words sum up my entire experience in all the countries that I have visited. It's also a culture rooted in art and architecture. 
Europe, of course, is known for its stunning cathedrals, verdant vineyards, and natural beauty. However, I found that a significant aspect of the culture was their appreciation of women and their power. Respect for women and their rights form an innate part of modern European culture. 
The food, varied as it may be, changes every few miles and never fails to surprise. Each and every dish you eat, you feel the love and warmth that has gone into the process of its creation. Even when you buy fruits from the farmers market, the love from those farmers can be felt in each bite. During my journeys, I mostly explored the architectural and the historical sites of the continent. Every building, every piece or art and every monument had a story to tell, and in experiencing them, those stories were forever intertwined with my own.

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