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Korean Hwasadoksul - An Ancient Aesthetic Procedure

Here's the story behind quietly nestled YEO YUNG GUK KOREAN SPA in the modern city of Seoul.

Founded after the ideology of the tale of Yeo Yong Guk, which says that a woman takes care of her face like a king takes care of a country. This spa pays attention to the fact that everybody has their own physiology.
Distinctive thing about spa is that instead of any modern cosmetic tool, they use an ancient thin stick called a “hwasa” as a tool.

There are three different kinds of “hwasa“ depending on the material used , Paekjato, Cheongjato and ongkito, which is said to have different effects.
The tool has a spiky end which is used to poke and massage blood aperture points in the body and face.

Yeo Yong Guk Korean spa uses over a hundred natural fermentation plants for optimized results . They give spa therapy according to the physiological state of the individual.
They have also been studying medicinal plants and traditional Korean medicine cosmetics that they practice.

They don’t just work on skin care but they also believe that the skin has to be fundamentally strengthened before going into treatment.

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