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Indian Panchamrita - The Nectar of Natural Elements

 A unique Vedic ritual in Indian households, Panchamrita seeks to celebrate the Panch ( 5 elements)- amrita (nectars) which are often used in a Vedic puja (prayer ceremony). Doodh- kesar (Milk and saffron), Ganga Jal (water from the ganges or water), shehad (honey) , ghee (clarified butter), dahi ( curd or yogurt) are used to bathe divine idols and then later sprayed on with rose and kewda ittar( perfume), the nectars are then mixed together and savored by everyone who has gathered to participate in the ritual. 

This ritual also served as an inspiration to our Founder who always observed her own grandmother preparing this concoction during her daily prayers. These daily moments sowed in her the inspiration for sisterhood , how women take care of each other and their dear ones with natural ingredients.

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