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Turkish Hammam-Deep Cleansing Ritual

An ancient Moroccan and Turkish beauty as well as bathing ritual - Hammam involves deep cleansing and rejuvenation of the body. It involves several steps that involve scrubbing off dead skin cells with a kesse , masking with rhassoul or ghassoul, cleansing with Moroccan black soap and rose water, concluding with a relaxing tea session for oneself. 
The kesse is a jute mitten that is scrubbed vigorously throughout the body after it has been treated to warm steam, followed by masking with Rhassoul clay found in the foothills of the Atlas mountains of Morocco, then the mask is scraped off and dissolved with lukewarm water or rose water poured all over the head and body , post this one slathers on some black soap made out of olive oil and after this ritual is treated to some mint tea.
Here's how you can recreate the ritual of Hammam at home

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