#GlobalGreen Pledge 2023- Go Plastic Free and Eco Friendly! – Global Beauty Secrets

#GlobalGreen Pledge 2023- Go Plastic Free and Eco Friendly!

Yes ! This is our goal for the year 2023- we want to go plastic free, eco friendly and have bio- degradable packaging. At Global Beauty Secrets we have been making a conscious effort to be a more environment friendly brand and are taking baby steps for all our products. Even though certain choices have hit us as a business decision and incur more cost we have chosen to go ahead with only one thought in perspective- That we need to be more responsible to the nature as a young brand and if we have the opportunity to shift and become more environment conscious , we take it regardless of how much we need to push our own limits.

In these regards we have taken few steps highlighted below: 

We have now curated 30 gm refill or sample pouches for our Shringar Ras range, as well as day cream and camellia cream. This would allow you to reuse the existing glass packaging and fill in the products in the existing jars. These packs can also be availed if you want to try the product before making a decision to purchase. As we understand when it comes to skin one loves to try the product before deciding if they should go ahead and buy, and if it suits the skin then a refill pouch would make the repurchase easier and more value effective. 

 All Global Beauty Secrets products are packaged in disposable and biodegradable boxes, gift wrapped with lots of love.
This allows us to curate indulgent experiences for you in the comfort of your home without hampering the environment. We are constantly trying to enhance our product and brand experiences however we are very careful to subsidize and minimize environmental harm as much as possible.

Reflecting more in the vein of environment friendly packaging we want to inform you about the evolution of the packaging for our product- The Greek Charcoal Face Mask. We are proud to inform you we have successfully shifted the product from tubes to glass jars to create a more indulgent experience and without hampering its accessibility and feasibility for you. All the jars are 100% recyclable and comparatively less hostile to environment than plastic tubes. 
While we were shifting our product from Jars to tube , we kept it in our perspective that even though this would ease application for you , would it lead to any microbial contamination? We are glad to inform you that the preservative system used in our product has been already tested for efficacy to ensure microbial safety, and the preservatives are in safe permissible levels, sourced from trusted partners and the final product is approved by FDA.

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