Eat, Pray, Love Your Way to Beauty & Good health - with Bollywood Actress Sarah Jane Dias

“ More than a beauty practice that I discovered around the world, It is one that I found in my very home from my mother about using castor oil for your eyelashes & your eyebrows. Works like a charm! ”

1. What made you pursue acting & modelling? 

Sarah: I have always wanted to be on stage. Ever since I was a little child, I have always enjoyed it. It was only a matter of time that my interest progressed into everything that one could do on stage, acting, singing, dancing. I was very grateful & lucky that my parents encouraged me to do this. I was always winning prizes & competitions and I always wanted to be Miss India and I think I just took one step at a time and let life just guide me down the natural flow that led me to realize all these dreams to just be in front of the camera, being on stage, and I really enjoy it!

2. Tell us about your experience with beauty while growing up in Muscat.

Sarah: I was a very young girl when I was in Muscat. I didn't really follow any beauty regime but one thing you had to do when you live in Muscat was to wear sunblock to protect your skin from the heat. You really had to make sure your skin was protected. One other thing that I learned from the locals over there was how to use yogurt to take away your tan. So just putting yogurt on your skin, maybe mixed with some honey acts as a great way to moisturize your skin, de-tan your skin, and soothe the skin as well.


3. What is your daily beauty regime? Is there any skincare remedy you swear by?

Sarah: My daily regime for skincare is to eat well, sleep well & stay hydrated! That's literally it. I am more concerned about what I put in my body rather than what I put on it. One other thing that I love, if the climate permits, is to indulge in an oil bath where I just cover myself in coconut oil, put some olive oil & some almond oil and let it soak and then go have a nice shower with a very light exfoliating soap just to moisturize the skin and to keep that lovely, glowy effect that the oil leaves on. 

4. Could you tell us a few of your favourite beauty ingredients? 

Sarah: I love aloe vera. I love sandalwood. I love rosewater. These are some of the ingredients I absolutely love!

5. One beauty ritual or practice from anywhere in the world that you discovered while traveling?

Sarah: Well actually more than a beauty practice that I discovered around the world, Its one that I found in my very home was from my mother about using castor oil for your eyelashes & your eyebrows. Works like a charm!

6. What is your definition of Self- Care & Self Love?

Sarah: My definition of self-care & self-love is to basically feel that you are always enough. That is my mantra. When I wake up feeling insecure, feeling unattractive, like I think we all sometimes do, I just remind myself on those days that I am enough. I am enough! 

7. Lastly, What makes a woman beautiful according to you

Sarah: To me, a confident woman is a beautiful woman.

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