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Indian Rituals

Discover the floral brilliance of Indian beauty rituals and the uniqueness of Panchamrita with 

Indian Milk and Saffron Toner 
As pure as divinity allows, Panchamrita or the honeydew of India’s ancient tradition & culture brings us one of the pious combinations – Milk & Saffron. From ancient Indian Queens to modern day brides of India are familiar with taking a bath in a royal milk bath before nuptials, since milk not only makes skin soft and bright but also takes care of the pores. Saffron or ‘Kesar’, the auspicious spice of the Gods, symbolizes ‘Agni’ or Fire that burns away the darkness and brings life and is widely used in India for religious purposes and offerings to gods. While saffron is well known for its healing benefits, it is also believed to tone the skin to get rid of acne and enhance the skin glow.
Indian Rose and Kewda Body Mist 
Since ancient times fragrance and aroma have been a part of the Indian tradition. Historically, in India, perfumery tradition dates back to over 5000 years. Rose finds its mention in the Kama sutra, an ancient Indian Hindu text, written during 400 BC. It states that a lady should grow roses to create the right ambience for love. Rose helps you to unwind and relax, whereas Kewda, offered as an ‘Attar’ - a perfume for gods and goddesses post bathing of the idol, will mark your presence anywhere you go & is one of the strongest, most delightful and richest fragrance ever found. The combination of Rose and Kewda is used in the Indian Panchamrita ritual and makes a truly divine combination.
Discover Indian Vedic Ritual with
Shringar Ras, literally means the rasa or flavors of beauty in every Indian art form. We have curated a beauty regime inspired from divine Vedic rituals, an offering of the best and the most exquisite natural heirlooms inspired by Indian beauty traditions.