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Finding Beauty in Music - Barbie Rajput, Independent Singer


“I have not reached a point in my life where I would know “Who am I” but, I guess to sum it up as to a human experience or on that level, I feel that I am somebody, who is like a blank canvas…empty; and I love to create as much as I can.”

--Barbie Rajput


In conversation with Barbie Rajput - Independent singer, songwriter, Actor & Performer.


Tell us more about your art of music. What made you pursue singing? what inspires & demotivates you?

I write from my own personal experiences. Love, longing and separation is what I have managed to explore as a few set of emotions creatively. I started off doing music profession at a young age. I think the amount of time I have given to my Art over the past 22 years is what inspires me to pursue it everyday. Everyone has their days of no motivation , you take them and move ahead. 


Tell us about your experience with beauty while growing up in India. 

My mom is a health and beauty nerd . So I have it all sorted at my home. She has been doing her beauty regime since forever now . Trying to instill all of those नुस्ख़े in my day to day life. 


What is your definition of Self- Care & Self Love? 

Self love and care usually comes either from a place that’s shallow enough or wounded real deep only to bounce back and love yourself enough to share that immense depth with everyone around. Comes with practice and constant pursuit. 


What is your daily beauty regime? 

Raw Aloe Vera gel, Ayurvedic oils, Homemade packs work wonders for me.


Are there any homemade beauty remedies you swear by?

Gram Flour with Yogurt and oats or massaging my face with Fresh Tomatoes. 


Could you tell us a few of your favourite beauty ingredients?

Almond oil, Coconut oil, Turmeric, anything organic and raw!


Could you tell us a few traditional beauty rituals you picked up from your family members ( mother, grandmother etc) while growing up?

Having a healthy diet, Eating raw vegetables, higher fruits intake, Gram flour is a hit in our house. 


What makes a woman beautiful according to you? 

Her inner found grace and anything that makes her feel confident from within. However, everyone is beautiful, even in misery. 


One place youd like to travel to & why?

For now, Kedarnath. I want to finish my chaar dham this year. 


One beauty ritual or practice from anywhere in the world that you discovered while traveling?

The only ritual I have while travelling across my country is to visit the oldest of the temples, that makes me happy. Nothing specific for the outer sake, yet! 

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