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Syrian Beauty Secrets and Face Yoga with Ms. Monna Cheikh

Discover the importance of Face Yoga to tone and shape your facial muscles with face yoga practitioner and certified cosmetologist Ms. Monna Cheikh, where you can also delve in to some unique insights shared by Ms. Monna in the conversation below:


1. Tell us about your journey. How did you discover the path of cosmetology & face yoga?

 I have always loved all things’ beauty! I graduated as a cosmetologist in 2003 when I was only 19 & then completed my Master’s Degree. Life kept me busy and after spending years raising 3 kids, I feel the hassles began to show on my skin. I felt much older, much busy, much stressed with life. Although I’ve never really had skin problems before, I started noticing the changes. I wanted to re-ignite my love for self-love, self-care, and beauty and went towards a path trying to find natural alternatives and that is when I discovered Face Yoga which made a mark on my professional journey!


2. Tell us more about the benefits of Face Yoga?

 Face yoga lifts, tones, and activates facial muscles to achieve a more youthful look. It improves skin’s appearance, stimulates blood flow, and increases collagen which results in tighter and plumper skin. It boosts energy levels by improving well-being.  It implements a natural lift of the face and neck & aids in the reversal of forehead wrinkles and frown lines. It relieves tension in the face & helps to create more symmetry. It gives you glowing skin with a natural increase in your collagen production and plenty of more benefits along with increased energy levels and a confidence boost!  When you prioritise yourself by looking at your face daily, reading its signals, and listening to your inner voice, you will not only look your best but also be happy in life.


3. How do you relate face yoga with a healthy mind, soul & body?

 The most beautiful thing about face yoga is that you are working from inside (and out). This holistic lifestyle speaks to me in so many ways. I talk a lot about being happy and active. And when we focus on happiness, that is when we connect to our mind, body, and soul and then it shows. As cosmetologists, we were taught to work on beautifying from the outside, so I found this to be a perfect combination.


4. We would like to know about your experience with beauty & beauty rituals growing up?

 I have always been drawn to natural beauty, beautiful hair, and oils. I have Syrian background and we love to use oils for the face and hair. When we were on vacation in Syria we used to buy and try new oils and my aunty used to make special blends of those oils for us. Besides that, I have never really been into any specific rituals, but I just love to read about beauty and being up to date with all the new things. But now I focus much more on my face yoga routine, my massages, doing Guasha. I'm also working towards developing my own special designed stones.


5. Could you tell us a few traditional beauty rituals & practices you practice or discovered while traveling or through cultural influences or the women in your life?

 Ice splashing has become one of my favourite rituals and I do it almost every morning. I have been massaging my face since I was 19. I dont like making beauty complicated. It’s all about getting to know your skin, reading its signals, and respond to it. I never wash my face with warm water. Not even in the shower. I’m an ex-pat wife so it’s become a routine to sit down at the beautiful beach, listening to the sea, watching the palm trees in the gentle breeze. This makes my heart and soul happy and I believe this is one of the reasons why my skin is healthy and glowing because I am happy deep within! I eat oats almost every single day with chia seeds, almonds, berries, raisins, fruits. I believe that a good start to the day keeps me healthy and motivated. Also, I believe my runs and workouts provide me with good health.


6. What is your daily skincare regime like? Could you tell us a few of your favourite beauty ingredients?

 I love oils, Frankincense Oil, Rose Oil, Aargan Oil and Black Castor Oil. I use oil every single day somehow. Their smell and their feel, I just love it. I also do a lot of DIY masks and use Vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acids. I love spending time in the sun but I ALWAYS protect myself with caps, sunglasses, etc.


7. Do you have a secret skincare/beauty tip for our readers?

 I sleep with face tape very often and try to sleep on my back to wake up wrinkle-free.


8. Lastly, what is your definition of self-love, self-care & beauty? what makes a woman beautiful according to you?

 Embrace yourself, your flaws, and your uniqueness. A woman is beautiful just the way she is. I love natural beauty and now that I see how many women want to pursue the natural path, prioritizing themselves, I get so happy!


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