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The Lens Of Lahore - Israr Syed

Pakistan as a country always remains hidden from most of us despite our common history and blissful beauty. In this blog below we document some amazing work done by Photographer Isar Syed of Lahore, who has captured stunning pictures of the city and places around it.

Discover an array of stunning photography captured by him 

From the flower market near Saigan Bridge Lahore:

Right after the morning prayers market is filled with buyers and sellers. Small flower shop owners come to buy their required items from the market. Usually flower petals are auctioned and flowers at some price.
Flowers are supplied from few cities of Punjab and mostly from Sindh province.



Indigenous Hindu Tribal Women of Cholistan Desert in Pakistan:


Gypsy Girl in Kot Addu:


“I find myself inspired by human interactions, behaviors and quirkiness. My photographs are my way of expressing the world around me, a pause from the corporate busy life and noticing the scenes of life coming my way.

About Lahore.. Lahore is a cultural hub of Pakistan and inspire me every time. Life in walled city of Lahore is beautiful.

Common man's struggle for survival and fading connections of culture always inspire me to take photos.”

- Israr Syed


Hope you enjoyed taking a small tour of Lahore through his lenses!

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