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#GlobalCare: Protection Kit Distribution For Vulnerable Kids During COVID19

During this pandemic while most of us had the privilege of safety, some of us don’t. Infact those with less privilege have been further pushed towards the margins of the society because of the lockdown and curfew. They have been cut off from all the help they were previously getting and from their sources of income. Which makes them vulnerable to harm not just from the disease but also financially, and mentally.

We curated these basic protection kits with immunity building supplements, hand sanitizers and face mask to help protect those who may have less access to crucial supplies and resources . We carried out this small initiative at Bal Niketan, shelter home for kids in Panchkula Sector 2, Haryana. You too can make a donation to this organization directly via cheque or cash. We urge you to come forward to help those who need it during the pandemic.

While we ask you to help others, also help yourself by wearing a mask at all times, cleaning your hands with soap, sanitizing yourself or your surroundings frequently, and by staying at home unless it is absolutely necessary to step out.

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