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Tashinami Book

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Tashi-nami is an important word for Japanese people. It refers to the gentle heartfelt care we take to bring beauty and peace into...

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Tashi-nami is an important word for Japanese people. It refers to the gentle heartfelt care we take to bring beauty and peace into our daily life. It begins with how we look at the world and being able to appreciate and take care of the little things around us. Simply put, Tashi-nami is taste, refinement and modesty.

Tashi-nami is important in the traditional Japanese arts, such as tea ceremony, Ikebana and Kodo. In these arts we can experience Tashi-nami as an expression of the deep spirit of Japanese culture as it has been cultivated for many centuries.

The enjoyment of Japanese traditional culture is an opportunity perhaps, to improve our concentration and cultivate our spirit and wellbeing. In the world of Zen, there is the saying that "the person who continues with dedicated practice develops great strength." Even though doing the same thing repeatedly may seem monotonous, when we learn to experience the joy of discovering the subtle changes in life, even everyday routines can be filled with enjoyment. This is true of the traditional arts, and can also be found in daily housework and office work. The ability to enjoy repetition is a very valuable skill in our modern lives.

This ability to develop modesty and enjoy the mundane aspects of life is an aspect of Tashi-nami. It involves gentleness and appreciating subtly so that we can take good care of ourselves and others. Doing little things considerate for others becomes an expression of love and is fundamental to the beauty of Japanese culture.

In this small yet visually rich handbook discover the many mindful Japanese rituals to feel beautiful and experience Tashinami holistically.

This body of literature has been developed on basis extensive research carried out to cultivate the range Kyoto Beauty Secrets for international beauty and wellness brand Global Beauty Secrets.

Japanese Culture Kyoto Beauty Secrets is inspired by Kyoto-based artist and preserver of kimono culture, Junko Sophie Kakizaki, whose family came from Kyoto 1,100 years ago. The Helan period was the most graceful and refined era in Japanese history. The aristocratic women of that time spent great care and time to live a life of beauty. Even today, the beauty methods of the Heian period remain and we wish to make them available for everyone. We only live lonce, so our products offer a way so that each of us can live a life of beauty. TASHI-NAMI REFERS TO THE GENTLE HEARTFELT CARE WE TAKE TO BRING BEAUTY AND PEACE INTO DAILY LIFE.