A Moment of Mindfulness- Neeti Mehra, Founder and CEO, BeejLiving – Global Beauty Secrets

A Moment of Mindfulness- Neeti Mehra, Founder and CEO, BeejLiving

When I close my eyes, the world around me quietens. A soft calmness descends on my mind, which follows my body, on cue, into repose. I had been meditating off and on, till last year I learnt Transcendental Meditation, where, you work with a mantra to guide you into the inner recesses of your mind. Whenever your monkey mind rushes about, the mantra, like a hook, draws you back in.

Why does one need to meditate? In a world where we are so outwardly focused, meditation pulls you back to yourself, and helps you connect not only with yourself, but the world around too. But I encourage people not to feel restricted. Meditation isn’t only about resting quietly on a cushion . For many, a meditative practice can be a walk or a run in the park, cooking, or playing with their children and even pets. It’s a practice that draws you well into the moment, minus all distractions. And how difficult it is to live in the moment!

Ideally, I try and meditate for 20 minutes a day, and perhaps add 10 minutes of japa. To enter into the state of mind, I prefer to meditate when I wake up in the morning, and if I have time, once at dusk, as the sun melts into the ocean.

For the mind and body to focus ‘dhyana’, I sometimes follow rituals, using essential oils, or just after the shower, using a refreshing body wash such as GBS Thai Lemon Grass Cleanser, that’s rejuvenating and refreshing. Settling down on a cushion or in a chair, I direct my mind inwards, on to a mantra, soften my breathing, and for a few stolen moments, reconnect with myself.

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