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#ThePersonalCareProject : Yoga for Beauty

Since Eons women have bonded over ancient beauty and bathing traditions across the world. So whether it was the gopis in India, or the women in Hammam or the Japanese women of Nara period who pioneered various beauty traditions, women since ancient times have come together to nurture each other with natural heirlooms.

As science, technology and other advancements of human civilization penetrated deeper into our lives, we became more and more individualistic. Thus, the concept of coming together as a community during such intimate moments of personal care vanished, and with it, it's importance too.

Today many women are hurrying towards the process of quick beauty regimes with their entire focus on looking beautiful, rather than feeling beautiful. It comes our of a certain fear to adhere to beauty standards rather than out of self love.

At Global Beauty Secrets we have taken inspiration from ancient beauty traditions and want to adapt the same wisdom of timely personal care into our everyday lives because true beauty reflects only with timely personal care.

We align with a few wellness enthusiasts to help make your journey to becoming beautiful equally beautiful and holistic.

Did you know our mental health has a direct impact on how we look? Stress is a major factor for acne and hair fall, any emotional imbalance towards any negativity affects our appearance. A sad person will find it very difficult to take care of themselves. Therefore, it is very necessary that we adapt a lifestyle that helps us balance our emotions and our life. I’ll be unravelling the journey of a yogi with Ms. Ruchi Kapoor, Ashtang Yoga Practitioner and Founder at Yogitodayindia. She discusses how we can adapt yoga into our everyday life and evolve to a better state of mind, health and awareness. She also throws light on how yoga can help us in our everyday beauty regime.

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